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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fargo Roofing & Shingles Welcomes You

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Roofing is generally straight forward in regards to product selection. Granted, there are a number of options available, but for the most part people seem to choose the new stand-by: The architectural asphalt shingle. Here are some tips on roofing:

1- PERFORMANCE VS. APPEARANCE. Recently, Consumer Reports rated shingles and to everyone's surprise a relatively inexpensive three-tab (rectangular-shaped) shingle performed 2nd overall! The Certainteed XT25 out-performed nearly all of its overpriced competition. The old stand-by of shingles, the three-tab shingle is becoming a distant memory with the advent of the architectural shingle that simulates the look of wood shakes. The appearance is modern and slick. It can instantly transform your older home into a newer, updated, and refreshing look. So, do you go with the old solid stand-by or the newer fresher look. This is not to say that the architectural shingles perform poorly, but rather the XT25 three-tab shingle performs outstanding, even when being outweighed by 30 lbs or so per square (10 foot x 10 foot section) by most architecturals.

2- NEW CHANGES. A few years ago, shingle manufacturers began adding copper in the granules, thus reducing or eliminating the streaking that often occurs on the North side of a roof. Other changes that occur in the shingling industry are simple on paper. Back in 2002 or 2003 Elk decided to grant a 30 year warranty on what was previously a 25 year shingle. Very soon thereafter most of the other shingle manufacturers followed suit.

3- DO I REALLY NEED A 40 YEAR SHINGLE OR MORE? Not necessarily. Will they outperform a 30 year? Yes. Will they look good at 28 years? Hmmm... something to think about. Are they worth the extra money? Well, a typical 40 year may not add that much to the price, depending on the brand, but anything above that and the cost-benefits come into question. A noticeable difference as you increase in shingle life is the shadow lines. A 40 year shingle will have more well-defined shadow lines than a 30 year (architectural).

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